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A ship and an otp are two totally different things. A ship is something that you think about every once in a while that makes you smile for a bit and then you don’t think about it again for a week or so. An otp is something that makes you sob for hours on end as you stay up until 3 in the morning reading fanfiction as you lie in your bed in a puddle of your own tears contemplating you life choices. 

Stephen Amell on Arrow season three, Felicity and more.





Fandom’s obsession with smut being OMG SO NECESSARY FOR fanfic to be quality is actually really upsetting and alienating to me as an asexual writer and reader.

This one bugged me a bit and I kept thinking about it until I scrolled back up to reply to it.  

I don’t like how it makes broad generalizations of fandom. “Fandom” isn’t obsessed with smut, peopleare.  And it’s got to be a matter of perspective because from where I sit, very few fics I read have smut in them.  I wish there was more.

I’m not sure what fandom the OP is from, but every fandom I’ve been involved in that I’ve read fic for has kind of had the opposite tone: a fic that has smut in it can’t be quality or “taken seriously”.  I’m not saying everyone thinks that, but that I’ve seen THAT conversation and that overall tone take place far more frequently than the opposite. 

At the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter what people say more.  What matters is its being said at all.  Smut doesn’t indicate quality nor does it indicate a lack of quality. There should be plenty of BOTH fics in all fandoms so that people with certain preferences will be able to read what they want. 

No one should feel alienated.  But I gotta say, seeing this post made me feel a bit alienated because I do enjoy smut in fic and I felt like the overall tone was saying that there’s not just something perverted and strange about me, but that I should feel bad for wanting these sorts of stories that would then alienate someone else. As though maybe I deliberately wanted to cause harm?

Because I definitely don’t.  I think there should be plenty of all kinds of fic for people to read.  If you can write and don’t see enough of the fics you want, you should write them yourself. As a writer, I try to write the sort of fics I want to read the most.  If you don’t write, then encourage the writers that you see writing the fics that speak to you.  Leave comments, reviews, likes, kudos… spread the positivity.  It’ll come back to you.


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How do you manage to not strangle anyone who calls Rose whiny? —betweenbooksandfandoms


Sometimes, in certain situations, I try to keep my mouth shut.  This is true in social situations that have nothing to do with fandom or nothing to do with THAT fandom.  I might just let the person know I disagree and then DROP IT because lord.  

The thing with haters is: you’re not going to change their minds.  People who hate Rose, who think she’s whiny, who find her a tedious drag on their fandom… they’re not going to be convinced by me arguing with them.  They know this and that’s why haters try to engage people.  They want to see this person run circles around themselves.  I refuse to give them the pleasure. 

I think you’re far more likely to woo people if you persist in being a positive fan.  Instead of railing against the haters, write a post about how awesome Rose is, focusing on the things about her that you love.  Someone hates on your Doctor/Rose fic, write MORE Doctor/Rose fic.  Put your heart into it; the readers will enjoy and respond to it.  

You’re not engaging in the hateful rhetoric and you’re pumping positive, influential and enjoyable things back into the fandom.  THAT’S the sort of fan we should all aspire to be.  It’s hard, especially if you’re having a rough day and someone jumps on your VERY LAST nerve.  That’s when you take a deep breath, step away, count to ten, whatever you need to do to find your peace and then continue being the sort of fan that Rose Tyler deserves. 

Believe you me, I’m so sick to death of that same old argument.  There’s nothing remotely new and original about it.  I’m not saying that people aren’t free to dislike her or any other character they dislike (I have a few of those myself) but as long as they’re not tagging their hate or invading your ask or somehow or other putting themselves out there in the fandom amongst people who don’t want to hear it, then they can just spin away with their negativity and we don’t have to be affected by it. 

This is why I don’t go places I *know* are going to have a lot of nasty stuff.  Message boards/comments sections/Facebook fan groups… they’re notorious for haters.  Hate blogs on tumblr are another.  I want to know the url so I can block it and then I prefer to continue on, forgetting they even exist.  Its called living in a happy bubble and I definitely recommend it.  

Now, if you like to argue with and engage the hateful people, then knock yourself out.  If you make posts, tag it with someone so the people who prefer to stay away from such drama can avoid it.  Some people are VERY good with the meta and the arguments and those sorts of people should probably be given many medals (and cookies) for having the patience to put up with it.  Especially if they can keep their tempers while doing it!

Wow, this got long, didn’t it?  It probably isn’t even what you were looknig for and I’m sorry.  Hate is such a nasty thing and I wish I had a magic wand to disappear it from all fandoms with the flick of my wrist.  Alas.  Just know your truth!  Rose Tyler is the BOMB.  Surround yourself with people who know this truth as well and bask in the glory!

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Cause baby I’m a  D A R K  S T A R

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"The Calm" official description. (x)

ficlet: Found the Right Fit (Oliver x Felicity, PG)

Pairing: Oliver x Felicity
Fandom: Arrow
Rating: PG
Words: 957

Summary: Future!fic where Oliver meets Diggle for lunch at Big Belly Burger a week into his new relationship with Felicity. 

Oliver slid into the booth across from Dig and stole a fry out of the basket in front of his friend.  

“Hey man,”  Dig admonished, as Oliver stuffed the fry into his mouth, “get your own.”

“I will.  Sorry I’m late, I would have been here ten minutes ago but I was at Felicity’s place and….” He trailed off, remembering the scorching kiss he’d shared with her before she’d finally shoved him out the door so he could meet Dig for their lunch as promised. 

The other man snorted.  “I’m just glad you accepted my lunch invitation at all.  I don’t think you two have come up for air all week.”

Oliver tried to hide a grin and failed miserably.  It’d been a week since he and Felicity had finally come together, the night of Dig’s second wedding to Lyla.  Speaking of which… 

“How was the honeymoon, by the way?”

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I only had one question. In fact I asked this on that first night in Manchester, before agreeing. “Can I have a long coat?” There were a hundred sensible, practical questions I could have asked, but all I wanted was a long coat. Which, I’m happy to say, I got! The only other question of any importance to me was whether Billie Piper was staying on, because she’d been so good.