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David Tennant Face Appreciation

"He’s just perfect. He’s got range, he’s got lightness. He can do anything – light, dark, funny, farce.” - Russell T. Davies

Happy Birthday tennantmeister!!



submitted fic: More than a Notch (Olicity, Teen, post 3x02)

Just doing my bit for the fandom.  Can take place in season 3, post episode “Sara.”  High teen?  Was practicing with UST. 

Written and Submitted by the AMAZING teawhovian

“I really miss Sara,” Felicity muttered as she tugged at the bodice of her dress.  A high speed chase and a moderate speed crash had left her with skinned knees and a bruise on her thigh the size of New Jersey.  Her business clothes—the ones for upstairs, not downstairs—were truly taking a beating.  “I’m not even supposed to be in the field, much less in the field with heels and dangly earrings that could get caught in wire mesh nets.  Caught up like I’m some kind of fish!”

This last statement was not muttered, but said loud enough for Oliver to hear and, hopefully, feel guilty about. 

“I didn’t know they had laser projectile capture technology,” he called out from across the room.  “I’m sorry.  Again.”

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The Best of Olicity Fanfic - Reclist Vol. 1

So, earlier today, the lovely teawhovian asked if I had some good Olicity recs to share.  That, plus all the people who have joined the ship/fandom lately made me think, “it’s time”.  Here’s my personal favorites.  Most of these are completed and in the case where they are not, I will mark them as WIP. 

(this gets pretty long so here I go with the cut…)

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Ultimate Shipper Meme ♥ [1/5] first meetings

Oliver: I’m having some trouble with my computer and they told me that you were the person to come and see. I was at my coffee shop surfing the web and I spilt a latte on it.
Felicity: Really?
Oliver: Yeah.
Felicity: ‘Cause these look like bullet holes.
Oliver: My coffee shop is in a bad neighborhood.


Digital painting of Rose Tyler for Ash. Thank you so much for the request! 

Want a painting

Music Name Meme

I was tagged by skcolicity (only after I gave her shit for not tagging me but whatevs)

you must spell your name, each letter representing a song title. You must give credit to all artists. don’t leave that out, that’s not cool. (I’m going with my username here, the whole thing cuz that’s how I roll)

Courage or the Fall by Civil Twilight [x] - first heard this just a week ago at the end of “Arrow” and it’s just… beautiful and haunting. 
All this Time by OneRepublic [x] - Of course I’ve got OneRepublic on this list. This is a very romantic, shippy song. Listen and think of your OTP during their happy moments.
Let Her Go by Passenger [x] - if you can’t apply this to your OTP, then chances are they aren’t EPIC material.  Just sayin’. 
Love Runs Out by OneRepublic [x] - I just love this song.  So so much.  It’s a very Team Arrow/Oliver Queen song for me, but beyond that, I just love to listen to it. 
I Won’t Give Up by Christina Grimmie [x] - I like the Jason Mraz version too but HER version gives me heart palpitations. 
Somebody to Die For by Hurts [x] - manpain alert!  Seriously though, this is a lovely song and since I dig protective bastards, it makes sense. 
Thought I’d Died and Gone To Heaven by Bryan Adams [x] - if this song doesn’t make you think of your OTP shagging, then I don’t know what to tell you (you’re probably not nearly as obsessed and fixated as I am I guess) (because OH MY GOD)
About Sophie by Keaton Henson [x] - this is a great friends to lovers style song.  the emotion here is so quiet and real.
Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Soraia [x] - this song has permanent and prominent residence on my Doctor/Rose playlist. LISTEN TO THOSE LYRICS.
Over You by Ingrid Michaelson (ft. A Great Big World) [x] - I did a fanvid of this song for Oliver and Felicity after 2x23, thinking this might be them in season 3.  I HAD NO IDEA HOW TRUE THAT WOULD BE. Listen and weep, Oliciters.
Landfill by Daughter [x] - this is not a happy in love song.  this is very UNHAPPY in love.  Listen at your own risk. (but its so good)
Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg [x] - this is probably too predictable but the fact remains, I like this song and I like how quietly beautiful it is. It makes me want to curl up in a cozy blanket with a mug of coffee and read. 

Wow, that’s a long name. 

Okay, I’m tagging: lunarsilverwolfstar, bluemorgana, fogsblue, aeonish and amandaecs

Okay,the DR interview is amazing! Great insight into Dig's journey this season and how his relationship with Lyla mirrors Oliver and Felicity and thank god some movement on HIVE and Andy Diggle...speaking of Andy Diggle there was a part in the interview that David mentioned that Diggle sees Oliver as the little brother he can save while Andy was the little brother he couldn't save. Very powerful and intriguing. What did you think of that? —Anonymous

David Ramsey always gives such great interviews.  That man is truly a treasure.  Have you seen his Twitter?  He’s always tweeting things his kid says and it makes me DIE because of the cute.  Anyhow, wow, that’s off subject… 

I am here for ANY comparisons between Dig’s journey and Oliver’s.  That goes double for romantic because as far as Oliver is concerned, Dig is living the dream and he wants what Dig has with Lyla and Sara and Oliver WANTS IT with Felicity.  And I think Dig wants it for Oliver because that familial relationship is very much a true thing ("There’s been a death in the family…" i mean COME ON, the themes are clear).  

YES to getting answers to the whole HIVE thing and I am always on board for more Deadshot/Diggle interaction.  Their relationship is very interesting to me.  And I enjoy the themes of Dig correcting his “mistakes” with Oliver.  Just … I am here for all the BROTP action, basically.  

Obviously, the tasks of saving Oliver will ultimately be on Oliver’s shoulders.  At least spiritually speaking.  But I think that Dig will always be there to support Oliver and be there when he needs him and gosh, who doesn’t love this team?  How can you NOT LOVE TEAM ARROW.  

They started off barely trusting one another and look where they are now.  It’s just beautiful. 

the rtd era + defining songs // youtube-style {insp}


I just want a scene this season of olicity that is pure passion. I love their emotion, but there is so much of it, we’re literally drowning in their feelings. I want him to grab he roughly, growl “mine” and kiss her with every ounce of himself.

I never meant to fall for you but I
Was buried underneath and
All that I could see was white
My salvation
My, my