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30 Days of (New) Who - Day 10: Episode that makes you cry

It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up this meme and I knew it was because I dreaded this day.  Not because I didn’t know the answer, but because of the FEEEEEELS.  There’s quite a few episodes in this category.  Most notably (besides the “winning” episode) Journey’s End and End of Time Part 2.  BUT… Doomsday has to win this one because there was happiness in Journey’s End (if not the Donna bit, which I often kind of like to pretend doesn’t happen) with Rose and Tentoo being together.  I still cry but there’s… hope?  And End of Time Part 2, I sob like a little girl but… There’s hope in the form of the goodbye to Rose where he wishes her a great year and you realize for her, it’s all still ahead.  And for the Doctor, he gets to move on as Eleven.  SAD as fuck but still.  Not completely desolate.  

But DOOMSDAY.  OMG.  Talk about beating you up and then kicking you while you’re down.  Repeatedly.  In the head.  I blubber when I watch this.  I wasn’t even 100% shipping the Doctor and Rose yet when I first saw it (I KNOW CAN YOU BELIEVE IT) but I keened and wailed and gnashed my teeth and then yes.  I did ship them.  This episode is where it really got cast in stone for me.  It’s horrible and unfair and aching and beautiful and oh so wrong

It was this episode and this goodbye that put these two in the books.  It’s what sets them apart from almost every other ship out there.  This elevates them to a status that will be carried as long as … well as long as I have air in my lungs.  The stuff of legend indeed.  

I will always defend this ship.  Because with this episode, they earned it.  

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    This makes me cry. Even though they see each other again, and they get happy endings eventually, they don’t know that...
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